What's A Kubaton?

What's A Kubaton?

 A very popular nonlethal weapon that many people find most comfortable to carry is the Kubaton. The Kubaton is a self defense weapon that is trademarked by Soke Takayecki Kubaton in the 1960s. The Kubaton is typically no more than 5.5 inches long and about a half an inch in diameter. Picture this size to be about the size of a typical marker. Usually it is made from a hard plastic.

Introduction of the Kubaton

The Kubaton originally gained its popularity in 1969 and 1970 when the Los Angeles Police Department’s police chief at the time requested the use of Kubatons for female officers to control unruly suspects. These weapons were used to strike pressure points and to hold painful blocks. Soon after many females started to carry these as self defense key chains.

How Does a Kubaton Work?

The Kubaton is used in self defense to target the bony, fleshy, and sensitive parts such as the knuckles, forearms, bridge of the nose, shins, stomach, eyes, spine, temple, ribs, neck, and groin. This weapon can be used as a pressure point weapon. Meaning that it can attack any point a finger can but with greater penetration because of the smaller end point.
 To the untrained eye the Kubaton appears to be a key chain fob.

By law most places do not have any laws against them. Airlines typically do not allow them to be carried in carry on luggage. Different regions in Britain have different rules against these items.

 Truthfully any item can typically be used as a Kubaton; hairbrushes, markers, pens, small wooden dowels etc. Also, there are metal “tactical pens” used for this reason.

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