Safelee Sleave Bulletproof Panel

Safelee Sleave Bulletproof Panel

Safelee Sleave bulletproof panel designed to fit into backpacks and purses. Unfortunately work and school are not the safe places that they once were. When you drop your child off at the school door you do not know what kind of day they are going to have. With the school shootings that seem to start popping up you as a parent want to send your child to school with something that will help you keep your mind at ease while your child is at school. A must have school supply, the bulletproof backpack insert can be used to stop ammunition that is being fired. This innovative safety item is simply slid into backpack or bag for fire arm coverage. Not only is this a must have item for your school going child, but a lifesaving device that can be put into your backpack or purse to use anywhere from work or mall shopping. Unfortunately many more people are being exposed to gun violence than ever before.
Safelee Sleave

Damsel in Defense has developed this Safelee Sleeve Bulletproof Panel. This ballistic panel is light weight at only, 1 pound 1 ounce and is made from flexible aramid fiber and is 10 inches by 12 inches in size, and is more than able to stop a: 22 Mag, 375 Mag, 45 ACM, 9 Millimeter, 44 mag.

Aromatic Polyamide

Aramid is short for aromatic polyamide is a class of man-made strong synthetic fibers. They had been originally developed for use in aerospace and military application. Aramid fiber is most commonly known by the trademarked names of Kevlar and Nomex.

Safelee Sleeve Bulletproof Panel, Complies with National Institute of Justice Standard 0101 point 06 Level IIIA.

    Give yourself a peace of mind by protecting your kids and yourself by purchasing this new ballistic panel safety tool, called the Safelee Sleeve Bulletproof Panel.