Self Defense For Runners

Self  Defense For Runners 

Spring is in the air and as the weather starts to warm up that means we are getting into marathon season. This includes conditioning for marathons. Running and walking are popular sports that women participate in. How does one stay safe and comfortable when out participating in this? A women’s only worry should be beating her best time, not worrying about how to stay safe. Many women are in search for the right self defense for runners before they hit the streets.

Buddy System 

Traveling in groups is one of the safest ways to travel. Find a workout buddy or two or three and hit the street. Sometimes its not always as easy as what I just said to find a group. Solitary running can be beneficial to let off the steam of the stressful world. In all of the above instances consider carrying non lethal self defense and become comfortable with how to properly and safely operate these devices.

 Pepper Spray 

Hot Lil' Hand
Pepper spray is a go to form of protection for many. Most pepper spray can spray up to 16 feet stopping an attacker in their track before they are able to get too close.  Some pepper sprays are bulky and harder to properly hold. Companies like Damsel in Defense sell a glove that has a special pocket that holds pepper spray in the ready position giving an effortless form of protection without the bulk.   Pepper spray in general comes with many different styles and sizes. You just have to find one that you feel most comfortable carrying.

 Arm Bands 

ARMee Band

Being comfortable on your run is important not only for personal safety, but for your health also. You do not want to carry your personal items in bulky bags that weigh you down and add stain to your body. Consider finding a lightweight sleek arm band that allows you to keep your personal and self defense items safe and sound. Find one that fits you properly and holds all of your items comfortably.

Stun Guns 

Little Ringer
Stun Guns come in different sizes and shapes. Truthfully the best device for each person varies. Research into the best device for yourself. Find one that you are the most comfortable to use. Shapes and sizes vary. Stun gun styles are personal preference you would want to choose one that you feel comfortable carrying.   A bonus when it comes to the stun gun is many stun guns double as flash lights making you more visible during evening and early morning runs, less bulk for the runner.

Running is a great form of exercise. It helps keep your body and mind in shape. There are so many numerous benefits to running, too many to list in this article. Staying safe while keeping your body in shape is important. Before you start hitting the pavement consider getting yourself some self defense items and expanding your knowledge on how to protect your self in tricky situations. Stay safe.