Personal Safety Devices For College Students

Personal Safety Devices For College Students

The summer is coming to an end and school is starting. Whether there is excitement about a new year or a little sadness that the summer has ended, one thing is for sure everyone should really consider personal safety as they head back to school. Damsel in Defense has many personal safety devices for college students.

Stun Guns

Stun Guns are an excellent form of protection for students to carry as they go about their day. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to different states and universities there can be restrictions on carrying these items. Damsel in Defense carries a couple different styles of stun guns. The get a grip, the little ringer, striking distance and the gotcha. Each contain an LED flashlight and disable pin so that your device cannot be used against you if it is pulled out of your hand. The gotcha is disguised to look like a camera. It has an LED light, personal alarm, and contains a power bank giving the user the ability to charge your other electronic devices. The little ringer is a small key chain size stun gun. The striking distance is a 16 inches baton style stun gun giving a greater reaching distance.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is another great self defense device to consider. Pepper spray has a great advantage of being able to be shot up to 16 feet giving someone the chance to stop an attacker before the attacker is right on them. Damsel in Defense offers a few different styles of pepper spray; protected pepper and pouch o’ pepper.  The protected pepper like the stun gun has a disable pin, so if this item is pulled out away the attacker cannot use the item. The pouch o’ pepper fits nicely on a key chain keeping your pepper spray at reach. Damsel in Defense’s pepper spray contains a special dye that stains the skin of an attacker that appears under a black light. So, if it is used on anyone they will be marked. The dye does not come off for a few days. Pepper spray like stun guns are restricted in certain states and at certain universities. Check your local area and make sure that they are allowed.


Damsel in Defense has three different striking tools to offer, or kubatons as some people may refer to them as. The sock it to me platinum, the sock it slim, and the who it may concern tactical pen. All are very sturdy striking tools. These nonlethal tools fit nicely in the hand and can be used to strike pressure points or soft spots on the body taking an attacker down. The sock it slim is a new item from Damsel in Defense, this tool has a raise grip and it easily held tightly in the hand. The sock it to me platinum has a nonslip finish making it easy to hold tightly without any slip. Both are light but very effective. The who it may concern tactical pen can be used as a striking pen as well as a pen. This pen contains a very bright LED light and a rigid top that can be used to scrape DNA off an attacker.  There three items are all nonlethal options.

Personal Alarms

Damsel in Defense has recently introduced a new personal alarm called the hear a pin drop. This new item joins the previous personal alarm called the holla hers and the holla his. Both are key chain size. The hear a pin drop contains a 120-decibel alarm and a LED light. To activate this loud alarm, it just takes a quick pull and the alarm starts singing. Holla hers and holla his both contain LED lights and a loud alarm that it activated at the slide of the finger. All these personal alarms are not only perfect for college students, but also for children. They will turn some heads when they are turned on.

Step Off Portable Entry Alarm

The Step off portable entry alarm can be slid under a door or used on a window. When an entry is made the 120-decibel alarm is sounded not only alerting you but scaring off the intruder. This is the perfect item to use in any dorm room or apartment. Perfect for hotel rooms when on vacation.

College is a new experience for many. While your student is far from home give them the tools and knowledge to stay safe.