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We live in a world that gives us a mix of everything, both good and bad and in other cases, downright cruel. There are times we find ourselves at the wrong situations that could be dangerous to us and to those around us. This is especially so, to women who often find themselves being victims of rape or any other form of physical abuse. Statistics show that one in every five women are survivors of rape. This is a worrying statistic that is present in almost every part of the world. Most women will often find themselves helpless in the hands of their attackers, unable to physically fight off the attacker. Thankfully, technology has given us ways of creating tools to defend ourselves. We no longer need to keep adding to the statistic, we can and will change it. This is what Damsel in Defense is all about.
Damsel in Defense aims to change the narrative and create a breed of ladies who are more confident, who feel safe and who are part of a larger community. Damsel in Defense aims to end the fear and worry of walking out, afraid that the next person who walks up to you will mug you or physically abuse you. Damsel in Defense aims to tame the mental worry and sadness that comes with previous incidences through a strong support community. It helps you enjoy the better things in life and not letting the dangers and troubles of life hamper you from achieving the best in life you possible can. The mission is to create awareness, provide self-protection, healing and connection. Damsel in Defence is able to achieve this through our various products:

Self Defense

Gone are the days you would helplessly give into an attacker with you valuable property and body since you could not protect yourself. The different self-defence products offered by Damsel in Defense give you an opportunity to fight back and protect yourself.
There is no better way to incapacitate an attacker than with a serious jolt of electricity. Stun guns have worked perfectly in bringing down aggressors without causing serious injury or death. If used correctly, stun guns bring down even the strongest aggressor by causing severe muscle cramps.
Damsel in Defense offers a wide variety of stun guns that vary in their design, shape and size. The guns are easily concealable and blend in with any other item you may have around you.
Some variants include; Little Ringer, which easily fits on the palm of your hand but has sound that could scare any attacker. Others include the stylish Get a grip stun gun, the camera shaped Gotcha stun gun and finally, the Striking distance stun gun.
A good pepper shower to the eyes is a perfect deterrent to an attacker. It would definitely teach him/her to not mess with you again. Pepper sprays irritate and blind the would be attacker, with a strong burn that lasts for minutes, giving you enough time to flee or seek help. The pepper sprays come in a range of designs, but all promise to be as deadly as any other in the market. The variants include, the tiny hot lil’ hand held pepper spray also known as the jogger. This is particularly useful when going out for that morning or evening run. There is also the stylish Pouch O’ pepper spray and finally, the hard core pepper spray.
Wear your Defense
In as much as physical items do provide some level of protection, you do need to work on the mind. I cannot think of a better way of doing this than having a stylish t-shirt that says it aloud to the whole world. So that is what Damsel in Defense decided to do. The organization sells a collection of t-shirts that not only look good, but also carry a message, carefully structures to blend in your style. Not some plain text on the t-shirt. The designs and colors are guaranteed to appeal to any lady out there. The t-shits prices are all at $25.00 and you can pick from any of the available colors or design. ‘
Bags and Wallets
With all the items you need to carry around, including your valuable pepper spray, you definitely need a reliable and stylish bag to throw them all in. Damsel in Defense offers a wide range of wallets, purses, bags and even a bullet proof panel. The products range in design and application, ranging from the Multi-Shay backpack to the Billy fold RFID wallet. The different products different in price, depending on the nature of the product.
Digital Protection
Threats emanating from the digital world create a significant risk to you and to those around you. It is estimated that 4000 cyber-attacks happened every day while one in five children are solicited sexually through the internet. With such threats lurking around, you need a reliable defense system and that where Digital Defense by Damsel in Defense come in. The protection comes in form of packages that cover identity theft protection, computer protection and tech support in addition to social media monitoring.
Campaign to Stop Human Trafficking
In most parts of the world, people are sold to be used as cheap labor or as sex slaves. Sadly, a huge majority of these people are women and children. This sad state has led to the involvement of Damsel in Defense to aid in the campaign against human trafficking. Damsel in defense has adopted homes in Cambodia and India. A project that started in 2015, with an aim to provide safe haven for girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking.
Benefits of selling in Damsel in Defense
Selling in Damsel in Defense comes with numerous benefits not only to the business but also to the women who use the products. Damsel in Defense has created a good name for itself and created a large market for its products. With a good reputation, comes a good environment to sell your products. Damsel in Defense also works to improve the lives of so many women and girls all over the world. By selling in Damsel in Defense, you feed this quest and provide a vital support role.

If you are interested in joining Damsel in Defense you can click on the link below.

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Women's Roadside Emergency Kit

Women’s Roadside Emergency Kit

Do you ever get nervous about getting stuck on the side of the road? Are you unsure about what to keep in your car in case of an emergency might come up?  Check out Junk In The Trunk women’s roadside emergency kit. 


Junk In The Trunk provides peace of mind in the event of a dead battery or brief auto emergency. The kit contains the necessary tools to wait for help or to alert others. The outside of the bag has reflective tape so it is easily visible in the trunk of your car. Junk In The Trunk is here to assist in any HERmergency that may come up.

Womens Roadside Emergency Kit
Women's Roadside Emergency Kit

Kit Includes

The Junk In The Trunk kit includes jumper cables, 5-in-1 waterproof whistle, compass, battery-free LED flashlight, gloves, waterproof matches, two emergency blankets, two rain ponchos, snow/ice scraper, tool set, tire pressure gauge, 36-piece first aid kit.

Junk In The Trunk women’s roadside emergency kit is sure to give you he confidence to tackle any minor roadside emergency. Not only will you be prepared with tools to fix your car problems, but also have the supplies to stay safe while waiting for help and to be confident in any roadside emergency. 

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Self Defense For Runners

Self  Defense For Runners 

Spring is in the air and as the weather starts to warm up that means we are getting into marathon season. This includes conditioning for marathons. Running and walking are popular sports that women participate in. How does one stay safe and comfortable when out participating in this? A women’s only worry should be beating her best time, not worrying about how to stay safe. Many women are in search for the right self defense for runners before they hit the streets.

Buddy System 

Traveling in groups is one of the safest ways to travel. Find a workout buddy or two or three and hit the street. Sometimes its not always as easy as what I just said to find a group. Solitary running can be beneficial to let off the steam of the stressful world. In all of the above instances consider carrying non lethal self defense and become comfortable with how to properly and safely operate these devices.

 Pepper Spray 

Hot Lil' Hand
Pepper spray is a go to form of protection for many. Most pepper spray can spray up to 16 feet stopping an attacker in their track before they are able to get too close.  Some pepper sprays are bulky and harder to properly hold. Companies like Damsel in Defense sell a glove that has a special pocket that holds pepper spray in the ready position giving an effortless form of protection without the bulk.   Pepper spray in general comes with many different styles and sizes. You just have to find one that you feel most comfortable carrying.

 Arm Bands 

ARMee Band

Being comfortable on your run is important not only for personal safety, but for your health also. You do not want to carry your personal items in bulky bags that weigh you down and add stain to your body. Consider finding a lightweight sleek arm band that allows you to keep your personal and self defense items safe and sound. Find one that fits you properly and holds all of your items comfortably.

Stun Guns 

Little Ringer
Stun Guns come in different sizes and shapes. Truthfully the best device for each person varies. Research into the best device for yourself. Find one that you are the most comfortable to use. Shapes and sizes vary. Stun gun styles are personal preference you would want to choose one that you feel comfortable carrying.   A bonus when it comes to the stun gun is many stun guns double as flash lights making you more visible during evening and early morning runs, less bulk for the runner.

Running is a great form of exercise. It helps keep your body and mind in shape. There are so many numerous benefits to running, too many to list in this article. Staying safe while keeping your body in shape is important. Before you start hitting the pavement consider getting yourself some self defense items and expanding your knowledge on how to protect your self in tricky situations. Stay safe.
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Safelee Sleave Bulletproof Panel

Safelee Sleave Bulletproof Panel

Safelee Sleave bulletproof panel designed to fit into backpacks and purses. Unfortunately work and school are not the safe places that they once were. When you drop your child off at the school door you do not know what kind of day they are going to have. With the school shootings that seem to start popping up you as a parent want to send your child to school with something that will help you keep your mind at ease while your child is at school. A must have school supply, the bulletproof backpack insert can be used to stop ammunition that is being fired. This innovative safety item is simply slid into backpack or bag for fire arm coverage. Not only is this a must have item for your school going child, but a lifesaving device that can be put into your backpack or purse to use anywhere from work or mall shopping. Unfortunately many more people are being exposed to gun violence than ever before.

Damsel in Defense has developed this Safelee Sleeve Bulletproof Panel. This ballistic panel is light weight at only, 1 pound 1 ounce and is made from flexible aramid fiber and is 10 inches by 12 inches in size, and is more than able to stop a: 22 Mag, 375 Mag, 45 ACM, 9 Millimeter, 44 mag.

Aromatic Polyamide

Aramid is short for aromatic polyamide is a class of man-made strong synthetic fibers. They had been originally developed for use in aerospace and military application. Aramid fiber is most commonly known by the trademarked names of Kevlar and Nomex.

Safelee Sleeve Bulletproof Panel, Complies with National Institute of Justice Standard 0101 point 06 Level IIIA.

    Give yourself a peace of mind by protecting your kids and yourself by purchasing this new ballistic panel safety tool, called the Safelee Sleeve Bulletproof Panel.
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Safety Tips For Women

Safety Tips For Women

Here is a disturbing thought: What if your everyday habit is compromising you safety while you are in public? We know women are not responsible for kidnapping or assaults, but we always want to make sure that we are safe. The former criminal profiler of FBI and also the host of “Deadly Women”, Candice Delong, have a few safety rules for women to follow in order to stay safe while out and about.
 Pearl of Wisdom
Pearl of wisdom safety whistle

 No matter how you are dressed when you are going out, or where you are going out, you always want to keep your guard up and pay close attention to your surroundings. Many do not realize the small things that they are doing that seem innocent are putting them in the most danger.

 1. When you are walking in the street or sitting in a bar, get off your smartphone. Many people think that being on the phone is safer as the person you are talking to can call 9-1-1 any time. However, chatting with other people distracts you especially when you are surrounded in a place with strangers. Keep your eyes moving, scanning, your surroundings.

 2. If you are walking alone at night, it is the best to save 9-1-1 or the police emergency number saved on the screen to dial anytime. Some people even keep the number on the speed dial so that they can call emergency police service anytime.

 3. If you are returning to your car and see a parked van by the driver’s side. Stop, don’t take the driver’s side door rather opt for the passenger’s side and enter through it. Predators these days use vans. Some even disguise their van as family cars.

Holla Her personal alarm
 4. When you are picking up medication from a pharmacy and the  pharmacist asks you to verify your home address, don’t say it loud rather whisper it to them or write it on a piece of paper. Whether you live alone or with family, it can compromise your safety. It is never okay to broadcast your address among strangers.

 5. When you are traveling to a new place or a new country, never walk around with the map in your hand. Never let the person that is driving the taxi or Uber that you are a first time traveler. Always exhibit that you have a relative or know people in that place even if you don’t. Showing strangers that you are new to a location is a dead giveaway. Hence, you become an easy target.

 6. If someone tries to grab you by your arm, twist the arm and release it then yell, stop. Don’t show it to the kidnapper or the predator that you are scared, rather stand up for yourself., make noise . This will draw attention towards you.

 7. When you are in a bar, never leave your drink unattended and always pour your own drink. Even, when you are going to the bathroom carry it with you. Your drink is the easiest way to drug you.

 8. If you are out with your girlfriend, always stick together. Staying in groups is safer.

 9. If you think someone is chasing or stalking you, do not run in a straight line rather run in a zig -zag pattern. This will exhaust the person that is chasing after you.

 10. Keep your eyes open and be alert of the atmosphere. Use your peripheral vision to

 11. Find a solid object and rest your back against it when you are stopped and , this gives you chance to use your eyes to sweep your surroundings without the opportunity for a stranger to sneak up on you.

Keep your guard up, even in places that you feel comfortable., make it a habit to always be checking your surroundings for anything out of the ordinary.
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