Safety Tips For Women

Safety Tips For Women

Here is a disturbing thought: What if your everyday habit is compromising you safety while you are in public? We know women are not responsible for kidnapping or assaults, but we always want to make sure that we are safe. The former criminal profiler of FBI and also the host of “Deadly Women”, Candice Delong, have a few safety rules for women to follow in order to stay safe while out and about.
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 No matter how you are dressed when you are going out, or where you are going out, you always want to keep your guard up and pay close attention to your surroundings. Many do not realize the small things that they are doing that seem innocent are putting them in the most danger.

 1. When you are walking in the street or sitting in a bar, get off your smartphone. Many people think that being on the phone is safer as the person you are talking to can call 9-1-1 any time. However, chatting with other people distracts you especially when you are surrounded in a place with strangers. Keep your eyes moving, scanning, your surroundings.

 2. If you are walking alone at night, it is the best to save 9-1-1 or the police emergency number saved on the screen to dial anytime. Some people even keep the number on the speed dial so that they can call emergency police service anytime.

 3. If you are returning to your car and see a parked van by the driver’s side. Stop, don’t take the driver’s side door rather opt for the passenger’s side and enter through it. Predators these days use vans. Some even disguise their van as family cars.

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 4. When you are picking up medication from a pharmacy and the  pharmacist asks you to verify your home address, don’t say it loud rather whisper it to them or write it on a piece of paper. Whether you live alone or with family, it can compromise your safety. It is never okay to broadcast your address among strangers.

 5. When you are traveling to a new place or a new country, never walk around with the map in your hand. Never let the person that is driving the taxi or Uber that you are a first time traveler. Always exhibit that you have a relative or know people in that place even if you don’t. Showing strangers that you are new to a location is a dead giveaway. Hence, you become an easy target.

 6. If someone tries to grab you by your arm, twist the arm and release it then yell, stop. Don’t show it to the kidnapper or the predator that you are scared, rather stand up for yourself., make noise . This will draw attention towards you.

 7. When you are in a bar, never leave your drink unattended and always pour your own drink. Even, when you are going to the bathroom carry it with you. Your drink is the easiest way to drug you.

 8. If you are out with your girlfriend, always stick together. Staying in groups is safer.

 9. If you think someone is chasing or stalking you, do not run in a straight line rather run in a zig -zag pattern. This will exhaust the person that is chasing after you.

 10. Keep your eyes open and be alert of the atmosphere. Use your peripheral vision to

 11. Find a solid object and rest your back against it when you are stopped and , this gives you chance to use your eyes to sweep your surroundings without the opportunity for a stranger to sneak up on you.

Keep your guard up, even in places that you feel comfortable., make it a habit to always be checking your surroundings for anything out of the ordinary.