Women's Roadside Emergency Kit

Women’s Roadside Emergency Kit

Do you ever get nervous about getting stuck on the side of the road? Are you unsure about what to keep in your car in case of an emergency might come up?  Check out Junk In The Trunk women’s roadside emergency kit. 


Junk In The Trunk provides peace of mind in the event of a dead battery or brief auto emergency. The kit contains the necessary tools to wait for help or to alert others. The outside of the bag has reflective tape so it is easily visible in the trunk of your car. Junk In The Trunk is here to assist in any HERmergency that may come up.

Womens Roadside Emergency Kit
Women's Roadside Emergency Kit

Kit Includes

The Junk In The Trunk kit includes jumper cables, 5-in-1 waterproof whistle, compass, battery-free LED flashlight, gloves, waterproof matches, two emergency blankets, two rain ponchos, snow/ice scraper, tool set, tire pressure gauge, 36-piece first aid kit.

Junk In The Trunk women’s roadside emergency kit is sure to give you he confidence to tackle any minor roadside emergency. Not only will you be prepared with tools to fix your car problems, but also have the supplies to stay safe while waiting for help and to be confident in any roadside emergency.